How It Will Work

With the right partner(s) we see ongoing relationships with no specific end period. Our responsibility is to provide the land, the water and 2 to 3 bays in our barn. Your responsibility will be to bring the energy and desire to grow.

While we are open to all interested parties, we do have some suggested parameters:

1.) No flood irrigation, only drip
2.) We will consider only financially secure farmer/growers with a verifiable track record growing crops.
3.) Activity will only be allowed during daylight hours with occasional exceptions such as harvest.
4.) No on site residences ( no live-in trailers)
5.) Owner approval of crops to be grown (see Scott’s suggested plant list below).
6.) We will allow a limited number of hoop houses (to be negotiated).
7.) The possibility of visitor retail (i.e. “cut-your-own” flowers or ”pick-your-own” vegetables).
8. ) Tenant to maintain all necessary insurance.

Scott’s Suggested Plant List

1.) Sunflowers or other cut flowers
2.) Tomatoes or other “Farmer’s Market” crops
3.) Lavender 
4.) Microgreens in winter if we develop shelter 
5.) Chiles
6.) Locally-adapted nursery plants